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Milestone Day

Milestone day! Praising God for his faithfulness and for this new season for you! I saw these words on a text the moment I pulled my phoneView full post »

a summer night on the water

A late summer night out on the water, we jumped at the chance when Uncle Dave and Aunt Rhoda offered to take us out. After filling ourView full post »

Sushi Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! We had so much fun tonight, we decided to make homemade sushi to celebrate as a family and it did notView full post »

Camping with the Courters

When our friends, the Courters invited us to go camping with them both Chris and I although eagerView full post »

summer so far

(Instagrams) Oh june and july you’ve gone so fast, you and your string of eighty degree days. Sweaty foreheads and late late nights,View full post »

project weekend

We spent the weekend working on lots of little things that will hopefully add up to some bright new spaces in the next fewView full post »

eleven years together

We had our eleventh anniversary last Friday and decided to take the day and go on a little adventure with the kids toView full post »

updates and blessings

These past few weeks have been crazy for our family and I have been trying to write this post for a few days now, feeling like I want toView full post »

Back to School Dinner 2013

Our Back to School dinner was pretty toned down this year in comparison to years past, it’s been a crazy monthView full post »

Josie and Zeb at 1 and 2.5

(Josie and Zeb Easter 2013) One afternoon last week I was in the kitchen cleaning and Josie appeared from her nap with some seriouslyView full post »

the four youngest cousins

These four sweet baby cousins (in birth order Zeb, John, Luke and Elliot) were all dedicated this past Father’s Day together at ourView full post »

Happy birthday Simon

(Simon 9 months) To my sweet Simon Hayes on your seventh birthday – how can it be? Time has flown by so quickly for me. I still seeView full post »