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Shop Talk :: I got hacked or I’m hacked or what the hack

As you can see by the title I’m feeling an array of feelings this afternoon after dealing with a very annoying hacker situation overView full post »

a new year

I have never been one for making big new years resolutions but I do love that feeling of a brand new slate full to the brim with hope andView full post »

easing in

Feeling a little in-between, slowly creeping into this new year slightly melancholy but full of hope. Nursing a sick littleView full post »


as if I really needed another reason to keep chocolate in my life – but then it has to go and get all inspiring..two weeks of noView full post »

resolutions and such

2011 is upon us and although my long list of resolutions includes things like: loose these thirty pounds of baby weight, and become andView full post »