make something monday :: mason jar easter baskets

Mason jars continue to be one of my most favorite things to use in any easy crafting and decorating project. I love how versatile and recyclable they are, you can use them time and time again and they can be quite inexpensive if you find them at your local thrift store or even reuse old peanut butter or sauce jars.

I picture these sweet basket jars lining the center of a color Easter table this season or filled with fresh flowers to easily gift to friends and family. My kids just loved how these turned out too and could not get enough of the tiny chocolate bunnies and goodies inside. However you style them they are super quick and fun for the Spring!

 1. Jars
2. Pipe cleaners
3. Strips of fabric, ribbon or yarn
4. Fabric glue or glue gun
5. Scissors

To start take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the mouth of your jar notching the pipe cleaner so that you know how far to wrap and then remove it from the jar.

With a scrap of fabric, ribbon or yarn tie a little knot just under one side of the notch on the pipe cleaner and then wrap the entire length of the pipe cleaner until you get to the other side of the notch.

Secure the pipe cleaner to the mouth of the jar and tie the two ends of the fabric together, trimming off the excess of each.

Next with a second pipe cleaner loop the end under the first pipe cleaner close to the first knot that you made and then take a second scrap of fabric and wrap the length of the pipe cleaner until it reaches the other side of the jar creating a handle. Loop it underneath and carefully conceal the knot by wrapping the fabric under and around as well and making a  knot in the fabric. Cut the excess again.

Make a separate bow with about a two inch wide strip of fabric or alternately a flower or button and glue it down with the fabric glue to cover up the first knot you made.

Your basket is complete! Now fill it with mini chocolate bunnies, grass, eggs, or even fresh flowers! Enjoy!!

May your Easter celebrations be truly blessed!!


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