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Ten on Ten family Christmas party edition! It was a lovely day celebrating the season with our extended Gough family at Chris’ childhood home. As per usual so much beauty and life and gratitude to be found behind the camera – can’t believe this is the last set of the year! Hope you all had a lovely day finding beauty in the ordinary, looking forward to continuing this beloved tradition in the New Year! xoxo

  • Kristen Gough - Makes my heart so full and so glad to see these photos! The first image is so striking to me–a large print of this in a white washed rustic wood frame would be so pretty on the wall at Christmastime. Love how you capture beauty, especially in familiar places where one might not notice small details. I love the glow of the piano, the snowy trees around the silver set on the hutch with that gorgeous platter from you to Paula. ❤️ Missing Christmas with you all for sure!ReplyCancel


I made these super quick and adorable snowflakes a few weeks ago with an old gift paper roll and although they were very easy and don’t need a huge tutorial I’ve been loving their rustic look and charm so I thought I’d share a few pictures of the process in case you’re looking for a simple and instantly gratifying craft to do this weekend.


paper rolls from gift paper, paper towels or toilet paper

scissors or a paper cutter

glue gun


I used my paper cutter to cut quick and even 1/4″ sections from the roll. Don’t worry if it squishes it down you don’t need the pieces to be perfectly round. Once you have a bunch of sections you can start laying them out and using your glue gun to attach them into snowflakes.




Fold the sections in half to glue in between the main snowflake shape..really the skies the limit and googling paper roll snowflakes will take you to a million and one ideas as well :). Some of the kids had fun helping me with these too!



I just love the simple and organic vibe and have been pairing them with wool plaid, bottle brush trees and rustic wood but I am picturing them incorporated into a wreath next so if anything materializes I will be sure to share!

Hope you have a lovely evening..we are expecting some snow to fall here in Seattle so I’m off to find some hot cocoa and fuzzy socks! xoxo



I’m so excited you guys because this holiday season I have decided to team up and join the Dressember campaign! I’ve watch friends and love ones over the past several years participate in raising money and awareness about the evils of human trafficking through wearing a dress every day during the month of December and campaigning together. I’ve seen the impact that IJM and the A21 have had in fighting injustice and helping victims find freedom and healing. So this year I’m jumping in and participating too and I am so honored to be apart!

This Saturday the 19th of November we are hosting an open house at my sister in law, Jenny’s beautiful home in Shoreline to spread the word. We will have music, yummy treats and you can shop the latest Rebekah Gough Jewelry collection (a few of our new things pictured here). We will be donating 20% of the proceeds from this event to our campaign!! It’s going to be a really fun day and I would love to have you join us!

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-12-06-08-pm screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-12-08-00-pm

To find out more about the party you can view the Facebook event page and sign up here. And to visit our campaign page and help us reach our goal you can visit here to donate directly to Dressember. xoxo