Spring Preview :: our new Monstera Leaf is live!


This past winter I’ve had some stirring on my heart, lots of quiet reflection, visioning, healing and hope has been springing up inside of me and I feel like God is ushering me and my family into a new season. I spent the winter praying and dreaming and believing for some things that have felt bleak and lost and buried for quite some time and all of the new jewelry pieces I’ve designed for our Spring 2017 Collection reflect that hope.

Everything is bright, it’s green and fresh and full of life and I am bursting to share it with you next Monday the 20th! Today we launched a tiny sneak peek though because we couldn’t wait any longer – so I introduce you to the Monstera Leaf Necklace! It’s a statement piece that represents climbing towards the light as the Monstera is known in nature as a grand and beautiful climber with unusual and beautiful split leaves, it keeps it’s face towards the sun!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.01.24 AM

May you know that you are so beautiful and loved today and that no matter the season that you are in a new one is just about to the blossom around the bend! Be back soon with more to share. xoxo (ps. we are offering 10% discount with the code MONSTERALOVE)

  • stacy bostrom - so lovely! all of it and all of you.

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