Ten on Ten :: December 2016

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Ten on Ten family Christmas party edition! It was a lovely day celebrating the season with our extended Gough family at Chris’ childhood home. As per usual so much beauty and life and gratitude to be found behind the camera – can’t believe this is the last set of the year! Hope you all had a lovely day finding beauty in the ordinary, looking forward to continuing this beloved tradition in the New Year! xoxo

  • Kristen Gough - Makes my heart so full and so glad to see these photos! The first image is so striking to me–a large print of this in a white washed rustic wood frame would be so pretty on the wall at Christmastime. Love how you capture beauty, especially in familiar places where one might not notice small details. I love the glow of the piano, the snowy trees around the silver set on the hutch with that gorgeous platter from you to Paula. ❤️ Missing Christmas with you all for sure!ReplyCancel

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